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Corde Magno Ad Gloriam

To the greater glory of God

Rev. Sr. Mary Dilrukshi - Principal

A Message from the Principal

St. Lawrence’s Convent is a school with a long history that runs back to the year 1900 where it was founded by Mrs. Janet Poulier, an educationist dedicated to her calling. Subsequent to the acquisition of the school by the Catholic Church in 1951 under the stewardship of Rev. Fr. Robert Fernando, the Parish Priest of St. Lawrence’s Parish, Wellawatta during that time, the management of the school was handed over to the Congregation of Good Shepherd of Sri Lanka in 1953.

I am privileged and grateful to the almighty father for choosing me to spearhead this great institution which has been continuously maintaining the ideals of the Shepherd God, thanks to the dedication and hard work of the nuns of the Congregation of Good Shepherd. It wastheir infinite faith in Divine providence, and perseverance have enabled St. Lawrence’s convent to stand proud as one of the prestigious Girls’ Schools in Sri Lanka today.

As a government approved private school that follows the National policy of education, St. Lawrence’s Convent will continue to strive to achieve the objectives of Catholic education and producing God fearing young women molded into responsible and hardworking good citizens of Sri Lanka enriched in knowledge, wisdom and spirituality.

It is indeed a great delight to note the potential of St. Lawrence’s Convent to reach greater heights. Being located in the heart of the busy town of Wellawatta, with purposely constructed and well maintained buildings and many other modern facilities that provide the ideal environment and resources to provide a complete education and development in academic, spiritual, physical and psychological aspects of life. The ample opportunities provided by the school to sharpen and develop the talents & skills of the students through a number of sports and extracurricular activities further strengthen the school’s capability of providing a complete and balanced development to the students.

We as a catholic girls’ school would always advocate a religious environment in the school and maintain excellence in imparting a Holistic, Integral and inclusive catholic education to our students. Discipline and Christian way of life formation play a fundamental role in our system of education.

We encourage our students to reach out beyond the walls of the classroom, while enriching their personalities and keeping up to date with knowledge and adapting to face the challenges of the rapidly changing world.

The academically qualified and well experienced team of teachers who always go beyond their call of duty in educating and nourishing the young Lawrentians to pursue their studies in a wide array of educational streams. The strong foundation we lay in each and every student have resulted in producing thousands of God fearing Citizens who have excelled in their respective professions bringing glory to their Alma Mater.

As St. Mary Euphrasia, the foundress of religious sisters of Good Shepherd congregation has said, “One person is worth more than a world”, St Lawrence’s Convent would always uphold each and every student with dignity, love & respect.

Following the motto of our school, "For the Greater Glory of God” we at St. Lawrence’s will always focus on training our students to live holy and upright lives in the belief that our actions give glory to God, and that, even indifferent or neutral acts can reflect God if done with the intent of giving Glory to God.

Rev. Sr. Mary Dilrukshi